January 28, 2013

Is SEO Dead?

The old days of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have long  gone by the way side.  Thanks to Google there is a new phase in Search Engine Optimization.  SEO has changed and it’s important to spot the trends now.  You must be aware of this if we want to get high rankings for websites. So the new trends of SEO in 2013 are discussed below: (1) Quality Over Quantity: Website rankings will be more dependent on the quality rather than quantity.  Websites now must generate quality, relevant and  theme based content and must be regularly updated with new content if you …

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Flash Animation and Ecommerce

When building a website, the number one thing you want to think about is usability. If you get to a website that takes too long to load and isn’t user friendly then you usually leave.  Depending on the type of website you decide to have, flash animation design can draw traffic and can also turn it away. Photographers, models, musicians and just about anyone having to do with entertainment could benefit from flash animation.  Usually, if someone is visiting an entertainment website load time is no big issue.  Flash animation can add life and personality to these websites that will …

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