3 Most Predictable HTML5 Trends of 2013

3 Most Predictable HTML5 Trends of 2013

HTML5, like Flash, enables playing of audio and video within a web page. HTML5, though, is not a full alternative to flash in some aspects. There are features supported by Flash that still prove important for so many programs that are still being used in computing devices.

In addition, smartphones and tablets (and maybe other forms of devices like a smart watch) have very limited capacity, HTML5 compensates for the large processing requirement of many mobile device software.

Since March 2011, major browsers began supporting HTML5, which primarily supports the latest types of multimedia. This became a huge hit for users because they get to play newer media that are developed to support higher quality graphics and audio.

Below are the top 3 most predictable HTML5 Trends of 2013:

1. Utility Software for Mobile Devices:
Such software enhances Portable Digital Assistant experience. Multitasking is indeed, tasking. And in this current trend, multitasking has become a necessary part of a person’s set of skills. With Utility software becoming more capable of complex computing (thanks to HTML5), people are becoming more dependent on the aid utility software provides.

2. Mobile Gaming Apps:
HTML5 made the creation of better gaming applications for mobile devices. Game consoles were once a demand for many people. However, with the emerging market of mobile applications, more and more people go for mobile gaming apps.

3. Responsive Web Design:
The competition among web giants is not about how accessible their websites can be. Aside from its content and purpose, computer users have their choice on how user-friendly a website is. Users want finer resolutions and graphics so visiting a website becomes a comfortable experience. HTML5 has allowed better Responsive Web Design that caters to all website needs.
These trends make it easy for users to navigate a website easily without any difficulty. As developers grow to recognize HTML5 as the new advancing markup language, it is not hard to assume that innovation will trickle down to other web programming needs.