4 Web Design Trends that will Remain Popular in 2015

4 Web Design Trends that will Remain Popular in 2015

Web Design Trends

Web design is a dynamic, evolving field and one that constantly sees a lot of change. With the infusion of new ideas, rapid changes in the tastes and preferences of people and new trends surfacing regularly, it is difficult to keep up with website design trends over time. While many design fads die out within a matter of months, there are always some that stand the test of time.
Some of the design trends that rose to popularity last year look well set to remain popular in 2015, thanks to their contribution to lending a better usage experience and elevating the functionality of web UI in general. These design trends have been seen to be powerful and significant enough to endure through most of the coming year. Here are a few important ones that you will find in most website design projects in Dallas even this year:

1. Simplicity – The “less is more” adage about web design is even more true now than ever before. Gone are the days when websites used to feature countless pages with confusing navigation. Nowadays, most companies are opting to keep things simple and minimalistic. There are a slew of recent websites which are using simplified multi-page designs, or sometimes even a one-page design policy. With the advent of mobile devices and the focus firmly on easier navigation and UX, simple web design seems to be here to stay.

2. RWD – Responsive website design is much more than a trend; it has evolved into an absolute necessity in the present context. Brands no longer design separate websites for desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile devices. The percentage of mobile users has increased exponentially, creating a need for websites to render alike in all devices. It is important for businesses to ensure a uniform and consistent experience for all users across devices and platforms. All this has made RWD a popular trend which is likely to ensure well beyond 2015.

3. Personalized UX – In a bid to facilitate more personal, intimate connection with each unique customer, companies have turned towards providing personalized usage experience. This can be achieved using several design and development techniques, and ensures that each user feels special. E-commerce companies are especially interested in taking advantage of this immensely popular design trend in an effort to engage customers at a deeper level and secure repeat business. Personalized UX is a sure candidate for keeping its place firmly on the list of web design trends in 2015.

4. Large size images – This is a huge nod to the concept of storytelling in design. Conversion rates have been found to be better for websites that take users on a journey using visual elements that create a lasting impact. More and more websites are using large, eye-catching photos and images, coupled with typography and other UI elements. This helps to create a mesmerizing experience which creates and sustains reader interest better. The technique has been found to be useful for mobile devices as well, with display sizes and resolutions increasing steadily.
Write in to us and let us know which website design trends from among these will you continue pursuing in your professional web development endeavors this year.