5 Outdated SEO Methods and Tools

5 Outdated SEO Methods and Tools

5 Outdated SEO Methods and Tools That Have Outdated Themselves

5 outdated SEO methods and tools – Gone are the days when websites used to be stuffed with keywords in order to attract search engine bots and win higher ranks in SERPs. The SEO world is constantly updating itself with new algorithms, regulations, tools and techniques all for the benefit of the site visitor and content reader. SEO today has even taken several forms as opposed to the traditional concepts of backlinking and keywording. This makes it an even stronger tool for marketers across businesses.

By doing it right and avoiding these 5 outdated SEO methods and tools, experts believe that SEO done correctly can drive in more traffic than social media or email marketing campaigns. All it takes is some patience and persistence to see favorable results. Most businesses however fail to understand the changing needs of search engine optimization. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by companies:

  1. Keyword Stuffing

If you are still stuck to keyword stuffing, it’s high time to revise your strategies. Many content marketers are still relying heavily on blog contents, titles, Meta descriptions to bring in the keywords. Instead of focusing on the quality of the content, they are making excessive use of Google Adwords to identify the keywords that promise to bring them the most traffic. In the age of Google Penguin and Panda, keyword stuffing in your web content can be considered a crime.

  1. Duplicating Content

Most content writers conduct research on competing websites to write blogs for their clients. But there is a huge difference between researching and cloning. While, duplicating content can be a legal requirement in some cases (interview quotes, printer only version for web pages, forms aimed at mobile audience), in all others it is a major SEO drawback and a crime. Google’s enhanced analytics will immediately identify plagiarized content and penalize the website with lower ranks. In this process, your ultimate goal of SEO suffers.

  1. Article Submissions

Even a decade ago, article submission was considered to be a great way to promote SEO. All that marketers required was to create average quality content and insert the business link at the bottom of the content. These articles were then submitted in bulk to article directories. However, Google bots are clever enough to sniff out unnatural links and poor quality content.

  1. Optimizing Meta Description For Search Engines

As you would already know, Meta Descriptions are snippets of information that are attached to search results on the SERPs. Optimizing Meta descriptions with keywords was a standard practice a couple of years ago. It was in 2009 that Google announced that Meta description keywords will no longer play a role in SEO.

  1. Press Release

Marketers must understand that press releases aren’t blogs or articles. There are special stories that contain worthy news items. Press releases are interactions between the business and its stakeholders. They cannot be used as a frequent promotional tool and more specifically to boost your SEO. If you are doing something that is newsworthy, bring out a PR, otherwise it is better to stick to articles and blogs. You don’t want your clients to be half interested in doing business with you.

Tired of using outdated tools? It’s time to move on from these 5 outdated seo methods and tools and choose the latest tools and services offered by us that will help boost your SEO rankings.