Best Ecommerce Platform Magento PrestaShop

Best Ecommerce Platform Magento PrestaShop

Magento vs PrestaShop.

Best Ecommerce Platform Magento PrestaShop.  In a world that is turning from physical stores to online stores, eCommerce has become extremely important. There are many programs available for eCommerce but Magento and PrestaShop are the most well known and most used.   Although, Magento is a leading platform, PrestaShop continues to make great strides. Deciding which one to use can be difficult and the needs of your business have to be considered when selecting which of the best ecommerce platforms suits your needs.


This eCommerce platform is an open-source eCommerce solution which gives the user lots of flexibility in its look, content, and functions. Magento offers the best SEO (search engine optimization) benefits of any eCommerce program because of its targeted promotion and merchandising features. Some other benefits include top rated technical support, more control, more out-of-the-box features, and more available features overall. Magento targets medium to large businesses because it is not as user friendly and it is almost necessary to hire someone to manage this platform. Magento is also more expensive monthly for their Enterprise Pro Version.


Best SEO benefits• Flexibility in look, content, and functions• Technical Support• Lots of features and modules• Community Edition is free (no tech support)


Not user friendly• Offer training and certifications ($500-1,850)• Magento Enterprise Edition (Free Demo) contact for pricing $$• Hosting, and browser requirements must use Linux operating system(for simplicity) and is a major system resource hog.


This eCommerce platform is also an open-source solution for businesses looking to grow their store online. PrestaShop is more affordable than Magento as it is free. The enterprise version is still half the cost of Magento and is a great alternative to Magento. The PrestaShop system is easy to install and has lower system requirements than its competitors. This program is very user friendly and can be used by less technology savvy users. PrestaShop targets small to medium sized businesses and reflect that in the ease of use of their program, and its time saving layout. Some cons are that there is no tech support only an online forum for support. Also there are not many out-of-the-box templates, themes, or modules; they all have to be purchased separately. However, the basic set up comes free of charge.


Works with most systems (not many requirements)• Pleasing layout with side bar and visible stats• User Friendly• Partnered with inmotion hosting (free and comes with PrestaShop installed)• New Version v.1.6.08. came out June 17, 2014• Gives awards based on merchant expertise


No tech support• User guides and Forums• Less control with the overall look• Add-ons cost extra

In this comparison it is obvious that for the small business owner PrestaShop is the best option. It is much more user friendly and cost effective than Mageto. Magento does have many desirable features, however it is expensive (enterprise version) and requires a knowledgeable user to get the most out of the platform.


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