Ecommerce Web Design Trends

Ecommerce Web Design Trends

Ecommerce Web Design Trends.

This year, more and more ecommerce websites are being redesigned because online retailers want their customers to enjoy a good mobile shopping experience. As a result, new ecommerce web design trends are emerging, which have already been implemented in several entertainment and publishing websites.
Considering that ecommerce websites are likely to be redesigned to support mobile, it is also likely that these following trends may be incorporated:
1. Finger Friendly Interfaces
The user interface of ecommerce websites will probably become more finger-friendly this year, for browsing while on a smartphone or tablet, and using fingertip or a stylus. As a result of this trend, you will be seeing fewer content sliders and navigation buttons and links will likely become larger so that shoppers can easily click links and browse ecommerce websites.
2. Flat Design
You may have seen flat design in iOS 7, the Windows 8 interface, and in other popular websites this year. Things like drop shadows are avoided by aesthetics, while placing emphasis on interesting fonts, and strong colors. Currently, this design trend is beneficial in several ways. For instance, user interfaces are simplified and loading time of web pages are reduced.
3. Great Big Graphics
It may seem as if this trend goes against the purpose of making an ecommerce website easy to navigate via mobile devices. It may also seem that it could hinder an overall better mobile experience. However, the truth is that big graphics do somewhat correspond to screen size. So, through proper development, big graphics can be appropriately delivered for mobile devices.
4. Interesting Fonts
The explosion of online typography as a part of website design has been going on since the past couple of years. Ecommerce created or redesigned in 2014 can be expected to use brand supporting, distinctive fonts so that the feel of an online store is conveyed. Typography has already been incorporated in ecommerce websites, such as Afends, Free People, and the Yellow Bird Project.
5. More Content on a Single Page
This year, more content will be added to individual ecommerce web pages. It is likely that quick views are going to become more popular, so that shoppers do not have to leave a product category page in order to gain additional product information. For mobile shoppers, this means that they will not have to load additional pages in order to get sufficient information about products.
6. Responsive Design
As mentioned, ecommerce website design will most likely be driven by mobile this year, but that does not mean desktop users will be abandoned by online retailers. When it comes to ecommerce website design, responsive design is already a trend, and this year, it will probably become even more popular. So, every shopper will gain a good shopping experience.
7. More Videos
Last year we saw an increase in mobile video consumption. Therefore, it should be apparent that consumers are quite comfortable with watching videos on their smartphones or tablets. In this context, retailers get a great medium in the form of video to provide consumers with detailed product information and useful content. Thus, more retailers will be including videos on their ecommerce websites.
Thus, these are ecommerce web design trends that you should look forward to seeing rather frequently whenever you visit an ecommerce website.


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