ecommerce website design – what clients ask

ecommerce website design – what clients ask

What we know is that the small businesses and individuals with very limited budgets want an ecommerce website that won’t break the bank. Anyone looking for an ecommerce site to sell their products online have many choices. Two things you must consider first in my opinion is this:

1. How do you want your customers to pay you (merchant account vs. Paypal)?
2. What functions do you want the website to have? What bells and whistles do you want to offer your customers.

Once you know this, it’s much easier to select the right platform for yourself since there are so many platforms that are just too much for the small business and only adds cost.

Some ecommerce platforms to consider are as follows:

1. OpenCart
2. PrestaShop
3. Custom solution
4. Xcart

Some others to consider based on needs, wants and budget can be found in the link below

68 E-Commerce and Shopping Carts for the Small Business