Google Panda and Penguin Safe Link Building Tips

Google Panda and Penguin Safe Link Building Tips

There are a few rules to follow when creating and publishing content In order to be the top ranked among Google search results. To do this, you must follow the latest Google Panda and Penguin search algorithm.

Avoid Googles violation of terms and conditions:
Violation of Google must be avoided by all cost taking care to not place links to your own advertisements and promotional content. You must have organic and natural content.

Avoid word stuffing:
Avoid word stuffing when SEO rich content is required. Just maintain an average keyword density of 1.5 %. Over repetition of keywords should be avoided placing them naturally within the content. We have all seen badly written content where the writer has stuffed too many keywords making the content unreadable.

Search keywords through Google words keyword tool:
Google as well as Yahoo provide a free tool that helps you find the most searchable keywords which helps you determine your SEO keywords.

Place quality back links to reliable sites:
Always try to back link to well reputed and trusted sites for instance Ezine articles or hub pages. References are also the key of writing a good quality article.

Promote material via social media:
To promote content the best way is Via social media. Almost everyone has a Facebook page including companies.

Promote through Blogging and forums:
Another ingenious way to promote your content is through blogging, providing readers with information they need about you as well as your content. The key here is to have relevant and useful information for the readers.

Video promotion:
Another way of creating back links is by creating a you tube video. You can place a link so people may get more information about what you do. Again, the key is how relevant will the video be in terms of your content and website?

Press releases:
Distributing press releases to sites is another well established route to placing links without being penalised. Press releases usually result in a higher Google search ranking.

Hopefully readers will have found these tips useful. If all fails there is also a site called but you would have to pay for the service. That’s why it is worth trying the methods stated above before having to pay for links. We must add that you should avoid paying for links as much as possible as this implies an inorganic growth and you must look natural to the search engines by growing slowly and gradually.


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