Link Building as recommended by Bing

Link Building as recommended by Bing

Here are the things that Bing recommends:

You should develop your website as a brand and brand it consistently. People like to link to high quality websites.
You should find relevant bloggers, industry websites and product reviewers and make them aware of your website.
You can publish concise and informative press releases online.
You can publish expert articles in article directories.
You can participate in relevant conversations on blogs and forums and add a link to your website when applicable.
You can use social networks to connect to industry influencers. Your profiles should contain links to your website.
You can use email newsletters to notify people about new content on your website.
You can launch a blog or a forum on your website.
You can participate in relevant industry associations and their online forums.
You should strive to become a trusted expert voice for your industry while promoting your website.

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    I would suggest moving to another server as it sounds like their security measures are inadequate

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