Outsourcing….India facing challenges

Outsourcing….India facing challenges

India has long been the destination for fortune 500 companies, but India is increasingly facing competitive challenges from it’s neighbors.

More and more companies are now beginning to look at countries like Brazil, Russia and China. Ireland is also a destination hub for call center just like the Philippines. If it’s call center expertise you are looking for, the Philippines takes the lion’s share. This is something they are quite good at.


  1. KPO India

    The fact that more and more countries are aiming to become an outsourcing spot is proof how of profitable it is and how it contributes to an economy’s growth.

  2. Call Centers in the Philippines

    India has long been a favorite outsourcing destination for businesses across the world because of its high quality of services and cost competitive prices. However, with the unfavorable economic climate and recent incidents of account frauds and security threats, there have been hiccups in the otherwise seamless industry. And because of these very incidents the Indian outsourcing industry has been shaken. And at this day, it is facing a good amount of challenges as well.


    1. naijarus

      While this is true, India remains the number one location in terms of cost structure and support when it comes to outsourcing your call center or web development work. It is important to note that while the Philippines is developing rapidly it’s infrastructure to support more oursourcing capabilities, it is still lagging behind India in terms of cost and affordability.

      Let’s not forget the BRIC economies – Brazil, Russia, India and China, all are considered great outsourcing channels and while most people would shun Africa, it too is coming around with various oursourcing opportunities with a ready and willing labour force.

  3. man and van london

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