Outsourcing Model

Outsourcing Model

We have all heard the benefits to outsourcing whether it is technology, web development etc and would like to comment on some of the short comings of this.

Benefits include:

1. Lower cost
2. Efficiency
3. Increased revenue


1. Time Zone
2. Language local dialect in customer market
3. Business ethic and related to local customer market

Freelancers and Outsource companies, all too often do not pay attention to detail. My advise to you is to listen to what your client is saying. Stop and ask questions before you jump to a project. Never be afraid to refuse a project, it gives more credibility as we all know not everyone can handle all projects at once.

Freelancers or outsource partners have a disadvantage already because of the time zone from their American counterparts and because of this should be proactive in paying close attention.

It is never good when the client gives you specific details and you implement based on how you feel it’s best only to find out it was wrong. Now the client has to wait another day because you have gone for the day when this could all have been avoided with simple questions and attention to detail.

Biggest problem is providers do not review their work in detail. If a client gives you a 10 point changes request, make sure you make each and every change, then review the actual website you are make the change for to make sure your changes have in fact taken place. This is not being done on a regular basis which is why many clients are refusing to outsource work now