SEO as we know it is dead

SEO as we know it is dead

It seems there is a never ending barrage of offshore firms sending countless amounts of emails and phone calls about SEO.  Please stop and listen!  Your best solution is to pay attention to what Google has been saying after their panda and penguin updates.

There is a shift in SEO tactics that should be implemented if your website is to rank well in the search engines.  You must have substantive content on your website that is useful to your potential user or customer. Don’t listed to all the so called seo firms selling you a monthly seo package for $250 etc.

You must generate actual content that is relevant to the theme of your website. This has been said time and time again. Forget about keywords and focus on content you think might be useful to someone else but be sure it is relevant to your site.  In other words, if your website is about fashion then your content must be fashion related such as clothing etc and not for example plumbing.

So forget about these so called seo firms offering you on page and off page seo packages.

Focus on writing good content, then link building with relevant sites that share similar content and the traffic will come in time. There is no quick fix