outsourcing web development

Outsourcing Web Design

Outsourcing is a proven, tried and tested process through which you can use to reduce cost, increase capacity and maintain quality of any product or service. Broadband Internet has connected everyone and it is no longer a matter of whether your workers are in an office or miles away. In a time when most businesses and people are looking to have online presence,the need to have a website has increased. Outsourcing web design has a number of benefits which include lower production costs, the ability to increase your capacity over a short period of time and you are able to …

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Outsourcing Web Development

Outsourcing web development is here to stay for a while. That being said, you must choose wisely the provider taking on your additional business. Consider the following: 1. Freelancer 2. Company Freelancers tend to be flexible and more affordable when it comes to web development and graphic design work, however, not many of them are business savy. So it takes a lot of hand holding to get the right point across. If you get one that does what you want from the beginning, hold on to them. Freelance web designers also tend to be less responsible. Too many emails, chat …

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Outsourcing Model

We have all heard the benefits to outsourcing whether it is technology, web development etc and would like to comment on some of the short comings of this. Benefits include: 1. Lower cost 2. Efficiency 3. Increased revenue Negatives 1. Time Zone 2. Language local dialect in customer market 3. Business ethic and related to local customer market Freelancers and Outsource companies, all too often do not pay attention to detail. My advise to you is to listen to what your client is saying. Stop and ask questions before you jump to a project. Never be afraid to refuse a …

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