web design mockup

Home Page Design Mistakes

Common mistakes when designing your home page: 1. Having too much information on the home page is detrimental and not enough links.  Avoid having too much detailed information on the home page such as company descriptions, detailed news reports, and by all means avoid having too many images on the home page (this contributes to slow page load times).  Most people are on your site for a reason. They are looking for that specific information that brought them to your site in the first place so providing specific links or call to action gets them going right away. 2. Limit …

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Plan before you design

This list is intended for any small business, individual, or start-up when contacting a developer or graphic design to create your website. We have all heard those famous words, “I need you to design a website for me”. Most small businesses or individuals seeking a website of their own can and should do some planning before venturing out and contacting a web designer or freelancer for their project. The list below is a list of free software that you can use to sketch your design or show your developer what it is you would like your website to look like …

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