Things not to do when building links

Things not to do when building links

Just like Google and other major search engines, Bing doesn’t like to be cheated. If they detect unnatural linking patterns, your website might be penalized. The following things can trigger search engine filters:

-Your website gets a lot of additional inbound links in a very short time.
-Many links that point to your website are from unrelated websites or blog comments.
-Your web pages contain hidden links.
-You get links from link farms or automated link exchange systems.
-Paid links point to your website.
-Known spammers link to your website.
-Your website links to known spammers.

Here’s what Bing does when they find suspicious data that is related to your website: “When probable manipulation is detected, a spam rank factor is applied to a site, depending upon the type and severity of the infraction. If the spam rating is high, a site can be penalized with a lowered rank. If the violations are egregious, a site can be temporarily or even permanently purged from the index.” Getting inbound links requires some work. The Bing engineers are very clear about this fact: “Make no mistake: getting legitimate and highly valuable, inbound links is not a couch-potato task.”
**Article by Axandra


  1. Gilma Paradis

    Right now it looks like WordPress is the best blogging platform out there right now. (from what I’ve read) Is that what you’re using on your blog?

  2. naijarus

    A great wordpress theme will cost you more than $200 unless you want to go with a template as a custom design and integration will cost more but you can find great themes for $200 and under. Just search bing for “wordpress themes”

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