Must have when requesting web design

Must have when requesting web design

This is a helpful guide for individuals and very small businesses alike. This will greatly help you with your project needs when speaking with your designer.

When you inquire about building a website, you should always have a plan written down on paper first.

Always have the following:

1. A detailed plan or outline of your web design project needs – it can be a rough draft, but a plan is a must and should have at a minumum:

– your specific business field
– your prefered color scheme
– number of web pages and titles of each page
– do you want custom design or template
– content for each page and graphics if you have them
– example links to sites you like and that have the specific functionality you are looking for

Having as much detail upfront and ready in an outline form helps the web developer quote you accurately without any issues.

I can’t stress how important “pre-planning” on the part of the client is. Always have an idea before seeking a bid from a developer and have a budget in mind.