Top ecommerce platforms

Top ecommerce platforms

Top ecommerce platforms.

Electronic commerce or e-commerce literally means the selling or buying of goods and services over electronic systems such as, internet, etc. Ecommerce is considered as the sale aspect of e-business. It provides various services such as:

1. Enterprise content management.

2. Group buying.

3. Instant messaging and online assistances.

4. Fast payment systems.

5. Online shopping.

6. Online banking.

7. Online office suites.

8. Shopping cart software.

9. Teleconferencing.

10. Electronic tickets.

11. E-mail marketing.

12. A efficient sale enhancing technique.

Do you want to enhance your small business? If yes, then an ecommerce sites is the best option for you. A e-commerce website provides you with a competitive advantage by taking on your competitors head on. Customers can purchase your products online, and having a shopping cart-enabled site will produce more sales than any other identical sites without it. It has less IT requirements and you don’t have to pay for the services you didn’t use.

E-commerce has become an easy, inexpensive way for the success of your business of any level. The platform of e-commerce you have will give you a highly friendly experience in shopping, and even the possibilities that the shopper will surely look up your site again in future providing the best option to enhance your sales. Now comes up the question of best e-commerce platforms.

Here are, Top 10 platforms for e-commerce are :

1. Big E-commerce ( ebay, iphone, or facebook,)

2. Shopify, ideal choice for the begining of an e-shop.

3. Magento, best for social shopping.

4. Volusion, featured with a good quality software

5. Yahoo! Merchant solution, best platform for sole proprietors.

6. Opencart, ( easy to use, friendly, open cart system)

7. Bigcartel, (artist set up there shops over here.)

8. Prestashop, a flexible, Open source e-commerce software.

9. Zen cart,(free, friendly, and open-source software).

10. Virtue mart (best payment facilities).

To find the best platform that fits your business exactly, do check for the features before deciding which platform is best for you.