Web Design and Typography

Web Design and Typography

Web Design Typography – At this exact moment, your brain is working to complete a task that most adults would consider to be very simple. This task is commonly referred to as “reading.” Surprisingly, when you break the process of reading down into the details, it is much more complex than it seems.

First, the reader’s eyes must move freely across the lines. Then, the information obtained by the eyes can be sent to the brain for interpretation. It is at this interpretation stage that things become extremely complex. The human brain utilizes past experiences, current surroundings and intricate visual cues to interpret information. That means that, while hundreds of thousands of people may read the same content, every reader’s interpretation will be unique.  This is where web design typography becomes valuable.

Think back to the last time you created a piece of content for another person to read. Did you really consider how your intended reader would experience and interpret your content? Web development firms often work together to meet the client’s goals and to create an engaging reading experience for the client’s target audience.


When web design professionals refer to readability, they are describing a term that goes above and beyond effective legibility. Anyone can create a line of text that can be read, but that does not mean that the experience of reading that line of text is actually enjoyable for the intended reader. Great design pairs solid typography with emotionally-focused elements to build readability. At the end of the day, your goal should not be to create a legible message. Instead, you should focus on making your intended readers want to read your message.

The Process of Reading

Unfortunately, some SEO services and web design firms make the impossible assumption that all viewers will read a design in the same way. The process of reading is much more complex than that. As your eyes move across the page, your brain instantaneously calculates positive and negative space in the typography and converts raw information into mental imagery. Good typographic designs hold the brain’s attention during the process of reading and invoke an emotional response that lasts far longer.

Web Design Typography: Overcoming a Disadvantage

Unlike print designers, SEO services and web design groups must overcome a significant disadvantage, a lack of control over the medium. The device and lighting used by a reader can make a big difference when it comes to typographic engagement and readability. Print designers have much more control over contrast, brightness, viewing sizes and more. To overcome this obstacle, professional web designers must use adaptable typography that works well with many different screen sizes and light levels.

A person that has never touched a piano before can press down the keys and make a sound, but it takes hours of practice and learning before that person can create music. Web content and typography are not much different. You can always slap a few sentences together in a standard font for your web page, but you will never get the best results possible. In the hands of a web design professional, your typography can make a world of difference!