Web Designer Tips

Web Designer Tips

Web Designer Tips

For some, it may not seem like long ago when looking for business information in that big yellow pages book was the standard, but those days have long since passed. No matter what type of business you run, almost all consumers will be using your website as the sole source of information regarding your company. This trend offers both advantages and disadvantages for the web designer, but no one can deny the importance of your website’s ability to represent your business effectively and to grab the attention of your customers.

The good design distinction

Whether you are aiming to present the best Ecommerce platform in your industry, looking for multilingual website design options, or seeking a more simple solution, good web design is key. Your potential customers will quickly bounce to a competitor’s website if they encounter an unprofessional, unappealing or unreadable design on your site. However, a great web design will actually keep more of these customers engaged and increase your conversion rate.

When a consumer searches for a business, they make judgment calls and complex decisions within seconds on the different options. Some may visit five different websites before finding one with a design that makes them feel comfortable. This makes your website’s first impression extremely important!

Professional designers understand the science behind these digital interactions. They combine that knowledge with solid design principles and other factors to develop a great overall web design. They can help you create the best Ecommerce platform possible by grabbing the attention of your visitors, keeping them engaged and moving them towards a sale.

Attention grabbing design tips

Although there may be thousands of different methods and techniques that allow a web design to capitalize on the split-second decisions of its visitors, these provide a glimpse of the key strategies to consider:

#1 – Effective Structure and Content

Before hiring a professional designer, smart business owners prepare by analyzing the ideal site map and content for their new website. You should use your understanding of your target customers to place yourself in their shoes. Your site should appear to be simple and easy to use; even for a visitor who is completely unfamiliar with your company. What should these potential customers see first? Do you need a multilingual website design? How can you make the navigation throughout your site as simple as possible?

#2 – Achieving Consistency

Consistency represents one of the most important factors for grabbing the attention of your customers and keeping them on your site. Achieving consistency starts with the presentation of navigational and sub-navigational icons throughout the site. All of your pages should keep these elements, as well as advertisements, headers, footers, columns and more, in the same place regardless of what page is being viewed. It is also essential to use the same fonts and font sizes throughout the site. Consistency builds familiarity with your website, familiarity increases trust and trust eventually equals sales!

#3 – Imagery and graphic design

When given the choice, most consumers will choose to learn about a company through graphic design elements and images over long paragraphs of text. The images and design elements you use are essential to user engagement. For multilingual website designs, these tools often fill communications gaps and build trust. Use only professional photographs and graphic designs to gain credibility and get the most out of your website.

Great web design revolves around the interaction between human minds and technology. Professional designers have a deep understanding of this interaction and the specific techniques that can be used to improve it. Whether you want to offer the most appealing site, the most helpful information center or the best Ecommerce platform available to your potential consumers, you will need some help from a professional web designer.


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    Very well explained. Consistency is really important because if there isn’t any consistency, readers may leave accidentally thinking they have gone to somewhere else. Not all the internet users are well educated in understanding a web site structure.

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