Web Development Partnership

Web Development Partnership

Web Development Partnership

Over the last couple of decades, web design and development has become extremely competitive.  More and more people and companies are involved from graphic designers, website designers and developers to search engine optimization specialists.  In some cases, web design has become simple without any need of html knowledge.  Many companies now offer point and click web design solutions also known as “site built”.  Naturally, like in any other form of business, in web development, a web development partnership does take place.  Web development partnerships help companies achieve their goals much faster by maximizing their reach into other services.  Obviously, there are certain reasons why companies form partnerships in the web development field which is attributable to five points below.


First of all, while cooperating, companies can share their ideas with each other and come up with brand new problem solving ideas or technology . As it is known, innovation is a key to progress.  For instance, it is worth remembering Steve Jobs’ and Steve Wozniak’s example.  Where would the masses be today without their beloved mobile tablets?


While partnering, people and firms consolidate their knowledge and abilities that gives them the opportunity and ability to better focus on their core competencies.  Some years ago Yahoo collaborated with Flickr so that Yahoo’s knowledge of search engine combined with Flickr’s social network experience gave both companies a desirable result.

Geographical Expansion:

Web development partnerships help companies penetrate new markets which allows them to concentrate on that which they do best. For example, the collaboration of Google and AOL consisted of global advertising campaign.  Often times, partnerships brings together the best of both sides in order to reach a common goal of extending market penetration by promoting ones services and technology.

Increase of Customer Base:

Another key reason for firms to cooperate is that it makes them more popular among many people so that the companies. For instance, Yahoo! collaborated with some of the mobile network providers offering a lot of free and paid Yahoo! content to customers.  There are many current examples today with the most notable being Google’s mobile platform known as Android.  Android is an open source operating system used my many mobile technology manufacturers.

Product Release:

Finally, partnerships allow companies to create a new product or service. For example, Google with help of some large enterprises developed a high quality domain for mobile devices.